Portable Anesthesia Monitor - $4650.00

      Specialized Instruments (~$1000)

Monthly Equipment Fund
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Many ways to give!

     No matter how you give, your donations can go a long way with Send Health.  Providing high quality medial care in resource-poor environments is not cheap, yet it is still much less expensive than the equivalent services in the highly regulated US and Candian systems.  Your dollars go a long way, since 100% goes toward the work and none goes to pay the medical providers involved.  They are donating their time.  We need you to help out with needed project expenses, medications, supplies, and equipment.  

   Click Here to make a one-time donation to our general fund.  The general fund still goes to project expenses for participants (our operating expenses are paid for out of separate, directed donations.).  

  Click Here to become a recurring, monthly donor.  You're wallet will barely feel it by giving in smaller increments, but the recipients of the care you provide will feel its benefit for a lifetime and you'll receive monthly thank-you emails and an annual report updating you on the effects of your gift.  

     SendHealth was established in June, 2014 and was granted IRS tax-exempt status as of November 21, 2014.  We formed in hopes of creating a better way to raise funds to help others participate in work we've already been doing for years.  The best way to donate is to contact us directly, either via phone or email, or to use the PayPal button below.  You can also mail a check made out to Send Health, inc.  along with a note of how you'd like the funds designated*.  We will send a receipt of your gift and will make sure you get a copy of our annual report so you can see how funds have ultimately been used.   *Once funds have been donated, they are administered at the discretion of SendHealth inc. in accordance with the original intent of the donation and in compliance with tax law for 501(c)3 organizations. 

   You can also check out our FUNDS page to see other creative ways to give or to check out specific participants who are raising funds for upcoming projects.  Give via the paypal buttons you see OR you can mail us a check.

Mail checks  (made out to Send Health, inc.) to

Send Health, inc.

935 Lincoln Blvd.

Manitowoc, WI  54220

Email:  DrCampbell@sendhealth.org

Phone: (920) 686-1979