Founded: 2014

Founders: Matthew Campbell, MD, Jonathan Klatt, MD, William Leach, DO



Upcoming Projects

SendHealth inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization started by Medical Professionals who serve on short-term, Christ-centered, Surgical, Medical, and Dental mission projects in resource-limited countries. 

       While most of our projects are facilitated by other organizations (see below), the cost of going on a project is still mostly incurred by the volunteers themselves.  Some are blessed with sufficient personal income to pay this expense all by themselves, but others are not.  Doing quality, sustainable mission work can get expensive, and this cost can often prevent a capable and willing volunteer from offering their services abroad.  But medical missions are a "team-sport" and we need all the help we can get to serve with excellence and compassion.  SendHealth was created to facilitate fundraising for project participants' fees, travel expenses, and also for purchasing equipment and supplies.  

What is SendHealth?

Short term medical mission projects benefit lots of people:

     - The patients we serve (who otherwise would not have access to affordable care)

     - The patients' families and towns - communities benefit from healthy citizens who can provide for their families and participate in the local economy

     - Local healthcare professionals - we work cooperatively with and at the invitation of local healthcare workers who can continue caring for patients long after our teams have departed.

     - Indigenous, in-country servants - not all our participants are from the US.   Many of them are professionals who are taking the time to serve the poor within their own country.

     - The ones who go - participants enjoy the life-changing experience of using their skills and serving in community with other volunteers. 

     - The ones who give - enabling others to serve directly and hearing reports from their project is rewarding in its own right.

The Lives We Impact


​​April 6-20, 2019  - San Carlos, Bolivia - Surgical, Medical, Dental, Optometry
     Organized by Medical Ministry International, this is a two-week project encompassing General Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Primary Care Medicine, Optometry, and Dentistry to the San Carlos/ Buena Vista area.  We still need nurses, OR techs, pharmacists, anesthesiologists/ CRNAs, primary care practitioners, and surgeons.