Our volunteers give up 1-2 weeks of their time, take an international flight, gather supplies, and incur expenses for vaccines, immigration visas, and fees for food, lodging, and in-country transportation.  The cost adds up and can keep some volunteers from being able to go.  Your contributions can help defray some of these expsenses and may enable some to go who would otherwise be unable to do so.

Send Supplies

We try to take as many of our own medications and supplies as possible. Some of these are purchased here in the US/ Canada, while others are best purchased in our project country.  Either way, your donation goes a long way towards sending a well-equipped team.  

We fly out of Chicago to minimize the number of connections on our flight.  You can help by contributing to our airport transportation fund.  This makes getting too and from our project much easier and less stressful for our volunteers

Urgent Need:  We have received word that our Anesthesia Machine in Bolivia is damaged in need of serious repairs.  A surgical team slated for January 2019 and this was to be their only such machine.  We are in need of urgent funds to purchase the necessary parts or replacement in time for their departure in early January.  If you are able to help, please use the link below to donate.  All donations are tax deductible in the year they are given.  

Send a Volunteer

Other ways to help:

Get us to the Airport

​​​Now recruiting for our Spring Project!

April 6-20, 2019 in San Carlos, Bolivia

Surgical, Medical, Dental, Primary Care, Eye, & Integrated Health Education

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