Hi, I'm Angie Ziske, RN from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

    I became a nurse to make a difference and touch lives. I enjoy helping those in need both in my personal life and my career. A couple weeks ago an opportunity found me, one which will again allow me to do all these things - a 2 week surgical mission to Bolivia in South America this November 5-19. As some of you may know one of my dreams has been to participate in a mission trip abroad. Over the years I’ve looked into different possibilities but these possibilities never turned reality. I am a believer that if opportunity knocks you open the door and overcome any barriers that may be in the way.  I need your prayers, encouragement and also financial support if able.

The barrier for me are the project expenses (including airfare), which total around $3,000, and November is not far away. Though I am able to cover a lot of the expense I am still in need of financial support to make this a reality.

If you’d like to sponsor me, all donations given through SendHealth.org on my behalf are tax deductible.  Any excess funds raised can go towards medications and supplies, or I can designate it to go towards a future project or to support another participant. The same applies if I am unable to go for some reason. You can give by mailing a check to the address below (make it out to SendHealth inc. and include the bottom of this page) or you can use my PayPal link on the website www.sendhealth.org  Either way, 100% of your gift (minus about 3% for PayPal fees) will go towards my project and it's TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Thanks for helping me to Send Health to Bolivia!

Learn more about me here.

Angela Ziske, RN 

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